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Inhospitable surroundings and a severe lack of resources in Israel’s early days forced it to be creative, agile, and self-sufficient – attributes that became entrenched in the nation’s DNA, resulting in a thriving network of innovative companies and R&D activity.Today, the Israeli tech innovation ecosystem is the engine that drives the country’s economy, employing more than 10% of the population and making up 54% of exports. 


Established in 2013, Start-Up Nation Central Central is a non-profit organization that strengthens Israel’s innovation ecosystem and connects it to global challenges and stakeholders. Immersed in the Israeli technology ecosystem, we identify technological sectors with high growth potential and help them to scale.

Over the past decade, our highly professional team has held thousands of corporate engagements, which have led to scores of business outcomes, including investments, joint ventures, technology pilots, POCs, commercial agreements, and the establishment of local R&D and innovation centers.Our unique position as an independent NGO enables us to create mutually beneficial outcomes for both our partners in the Israeli innovation ecosystem and our international partners from both the public and private sectors.

Experts in the Field

Israel is well-known for being the source from which sprang many of the modern innovations that characterize our daily life, and without which we can no longer effectively function. Where would we be today without instant messaging? Firewalls? Disks-on-key? Innovations in such fields as agriculture, digital health, fintech and cybersecurity also clearly demonstrate that Israel is the ultimate location, where solutions are invented, developed and created.

Start-Up Nation Central is a non-profit organization, unaligned with any governmental authority or organization - meaning that our entire purpose is to facilitate partnerships leading to innovative solutions for difficult problems. Our main purpose is to help Israeli innovation to succeed, by leveraging our in-depth and expansive knowledge of the ecosystem. Moreover, we have substantial experience under our belt, having built a global network of satisfied customers, all of whom have already gained a great deal from working with us, and as a result are avid ambassadors and advocates.

We also boast a large team of analysts and researchers, who scan, inspect and learn the ecosystem, and the tip of this extremely large iceberg is Start-Up Nation Finder, our free-to-use innovation discovery platform. An aggregate of our ongoing research effort, Finder has detailed profiles and data for several thousand start-ups, established companies, investors, multinational corporations, angels and so forth, providing salient and up-to-date information in terms of details regarding the individual entities, as well as the broader innovation landscape.

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Start-Up Nation Central Visits are an unparalleled opportunity to engage with the Israeli innovation ecosystem, and take your business to the next level. We will identify your specific requirements and create a uniquely planned and meticulously designed visit, just for you.

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