Why does 15% of the World’s Investment in Cybersecurity go to Israel

2016 is likely to go down as the year that hacking “came home” to Americans. Whether it was Russian hackers, Chinese hackers, teenage hackers, or careless clicking on a suspicious link, there is no question that hacker breaches of the e-mail on the Democratic National Committee’s servers and Hillary Clinton’s computers and devices impacted the results of the presidential election – and given the results of that election, maybe even changed history.

But those hacks were just the tip of the iceberg. Phishing scams, ransomware, DDOS attacks, SCADA threats, and a hundred other issues are just some of the dangers individuals, businesses, and government face. According to Juniper Research, businesses could be on the hook for $2 trillion in losses over the next three years, leading businesses to spend billions trying to keep systems safe – yet hackers seemingly immune to efforts to keep them at bay. As the problem gets worse, the world searches high and low for solutions to its cyber-dilemma.

One place the world has been searching for those solutions is in Israel, which has emerged as one of the world’s leading centers for cybersecurity solutions. With a total of $581 million in investments in 2016 (some 15% of total worldwide investments in cybersecurity firms), investors have discovered that many of the hundreds of cybersecurity firms in Israel – both mature companies and new start-ups – offer solutions to many of the cyber-threats that have overwhelmed financial institutions, online services, manufacturers, and any other organization that relies on digital platforms. With good reason; Israeli cybersecurity firms have some unique solutions, and are being used by some of the world’s largest companies to protect their data and their businesses, which rely on their ability to safely carry out digital transactions.

The story of Israel’s cybersecurity success is truly a riveting one, and a new report by Start-Up Nation Central tells that story, in words, charts, and figures. Free to download, the report – part of SNC’s Finder Insight Series – provides the highlights of how Israeli companies are making a difference in the battle to secure the digital future. For example: Did you know that Israel is quickly becoming a center for automotive security? Over the past two years, no fewer than seven new companies were founded to protect connected cars – and the technology being developed now will provide the solutions the world will need to develop safe and secure self-driving cars, the next big leap in automotive technology.

Self-driving cars, better and safer authentication, battling ransomware – all these and more are part of the Israel cyber-defense success story, and the SNC report tells that story. If you’re concerned about how the world can cope with a growing array of cyber-threats, this is one report you shouldn’t miss.

Download it here.

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