Start-ups Combating Billion Dollar Threats to Cyber Security

These days, no organization, large or small, is safe from cyber attacks. According to research that we conducted, in 2015, cyber attacks on companies increased by 38 percent, with an average of 112 attacks every minute. As hackers become increasingly more sophisticated and creative in their espionage and cybercrime efforts, there is an ever-greater need for cyber security solutions.

With its innovative entrepreneurship culture coupled with support from the government, Israel has become a global pioneer and leader in cyber security. It is home to over 300 cyber security companies working in a wide range of areas, from mobile and cloud security to encryption and data leakage prevention, among many others. The following are five cyber security companies making waves and drawing attention on SNC’s Finder, the biggest and most up-to-date search engine that provides access to innovative Israeli start-ups:


   1- GlobeKeeper 

GlobeKeeper’s secure mobile communications platform enables professionals and organizations working on mission-critical applications, such as law enforcement, military, government, first responders, and others, to incorporate military-grade encryption into their existing devices and hardware, including smartphones, cameras, and tablets. By bringing high-level security solutions to familiar devices, GlobeKeeper helps organizations reduce costs and errors and increase safety for all involved.


   2- CarsDome Robotics Ltd.

Recognizing that security infrastructure does not currently adequately protect private car owners, and often, in fact, puts them at risk, CarsDome is developing game-changing automotive security solutions. Combining mechanical R&D, IoT security, cloud computing, and sophisticated algorithms, the company offers advanced intrusion detection and prevention systems along with hermetic protection. CarsDome is committed to elevating the security standards of most private cars.


   3- Kazuar

Kazuar has developed a military-grade secure working environment that protects organizations’ sensitive information and safeguards them from cyber attacks. Kazuar’s system gives organizations full control over their data and private encryption keys. At the same time, it comprises a user-friendly platform that integrates seamlessly with the Windows ecosystem, making it easy for all members of the organization to use it and maintain the highest standards of security and privacy. The Kazuar system involves both secured personal computers and a secured cloud (the “Fortress”) in order to offer a comprehensive solution.


   4- Cycuro

Founded by Israeli security professionals with vast experience in automotive and network cyber security, Cycuro uses research and analytics to identify suspicious activity or attacks against vehicles or fleets and provide real-time notifications and alerts. Cycuro’s “plug-and-play” platform allows for easy integration into organizational systems and does not require special infrastructure or adaptations. The platform gives organizations an all-encompassing view of their fleets, including root-cause analysis following a breach and forward-looking models to prevent future attacks.


   5- Deep Instinct

The first company to bring deep learning to cyber security, Deep Instinct utilizes its proprietary algorithms and patented technology to offer unprecedented real-time detection and zero-day attack protection. Deep Instinct protects both mobile devices running any operating system and endpoints, even when they are not connected to the network. Along with deep learning, Deep Instinct analyzes data that has been broken down into the smallest parts and implements real-time cyber intelligence for accurate predictions. Gartner Research Group named the company “Cool Vendor in 2016.”


To learn more about top Israeli cyber security start-ups, check out this Infographic.

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