Israeli Entrepreneurs: Uniquely Distinctive

What sets the Israeli entrepreneur apart, in terms of thought, creativity and innovation? Contrary to popular misconception, the Israeli entrepreneur is usually 30+ years old and studied at university. S/he has founded at least one company, and experienced working at a large company prior to doing so.

  • Broadminded and Fearless

    The Israeli entrepreneur is indeed special. A product of their unique environment, they tend to think out of the box more often than not. When presented with a job description, they look beyond the framework of what it is supposed to be, and go above and beyond that to take the position to the next level. Israeli employees demonstrate star quality on a regular basis, embracing responsibility, taking risks, and never being afraid of failure.

  • Tenacious and Inventive

    The Israeli innovation ecosystem has given rise to a unique environment, within which the Israeli entrepreneur flourishes and thrives. Taking complexity and difficulty, and using them as a catalyst for ingenuity and innovation, the Israeli entrepreneur demonstrates how s/he perseveres in the face of adversity, and uses failure as motivational tool rather than an obstacle.

  • Chutzpah in its Most Positive Sense

    There is a special brand of Israeli chutzpah which is a large part of the fuel that motivates and inspires the Israeli entrepreneur to think out of the box, and address issues that would, under different circumstances, fly beneath the radar. It’s also a highly positive influence, that allows the Israeli entrepreneur to properly comprehend corporate culture and function well within its parameters, as well as to be open to constructive criticism, and of course, to give as good as they get.

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