Start-Up Nation Central’s Annual Report

Start-Up Nation Central is pleased to present its 2017 Annual Report providing insight into recent successes, challenges, and strategic directions, which reflect the excitement expressed by our team, partners, and stakeholders. We are grateful for the generous support we receive from a small and dedicated group of donors whose vision constantly guides us; our Board which dedicates time and expertise to keep us strategic, laser-focused, and efficient; and the talented team at The Paul E  Singer Foundation.  With this combined force behind us, we are on track to have an even stronger 2018 during which we plan to:

  • Further strengthen the effect of our innovation engagements by scaling our operations
  • Ensure that the Finder continues to expand its reach by working with other countries and regions to establish their own innovation platforms, connected through our hub in Israel
  • Continue to generate and publish meaningful insights on sector-specific innovation trends, based on Finder data

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