ATENA-VATION: A call for proposals for ventures and technology companies in the medical field

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Atena, the civic arm of the IMCO Industries Group, specializes in accompanying companies and entrepreneurs in the complete process of product production, relying on its extensive production lines, which offer, among other things, a clean room (CLASS 7) and compliance with medical standard ISO 13485: 2016.

Atena is a manufacturing company engaged in assemblies, integration, wiring, and electromechanical assemblies for the civil/medical sector, which has manufacturing and engineering capabilities in Israel and around the world that allows it to serve as a one-stop-shop to accompany entrepreneurs and product companies from initial concept to mass production of a complete product.

Atena’s capabilities include financial strength along with production line design, concentration of purchasing and property processes, production planning while maximizing operating profit and reducing costs, establishing a global industrial footprint and supporting the establishment of a global sales and marketing system, as well as supporting initial costs and the possibility of investing in ownership companies.

Atena calls out and invites the public of entrepreneurs, start-ups, and technology companies to submit proposals for civil technology products with priority for the medical field.  The offer is especially suitable for technology companies with a product that includes hardware and not only software, with a local and/or international orientation and growth potential. Atena will examine through a dedicated committee the ideas that will be submitted. After an orderly examination and screening process, it will select three projects that will receive a unique proposal for cooperation with Atena for the commercial production of the selected product.


Submission of ideas:
The ideas will be submitted in a Word or PDF file to the email address no later than 20/5/2021.
Each offer must include:

  • Information about the company or entrepreneur
  • Information about the idea or proposed product
  • Information about the company’s financial plan for the proposed product.

The length of each proposal should not exceed 5 pages.  Please include the full name, telephone, and email address of the person signing the offer form, and attach a link to a website if any.
* Do not include confidential information at the bidding stage.
** Atena reserves the right to make marketing use of the candidates’ names and their trademarks during and after the examination of the ideas.

Composition of the selection committee:

  • A Representative of Atena
  • A representative from IMCO Industries, Atena’s parent company
  • A representative from a Technology Incubator

 Schedule and selection process:

  • Submission of bids by 20.5.2021.
  • Convergence of the committee and selection of the leading proposals that will be invited for presentation to the committee until 20.6.2021
  • 20-30/6/2021: Days of presentations of the selected ideas to the committee
  • July 2021: Selection of the three leading offers that will each receive a unique offer for cooperation with Atena for the production of the selected product.

“We know the market, the industry, and most importantly – your exact needs”

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