Discovering Innovation Just Got Better with Start-Up Nation Central’s New Finder


If you want to change the world as we know it, you couldn’t find a more fertile and productive stomping ground than the Holy Land. The Israeli innovation ecosystem is literally bursting with new technologies and cutting-edge discoveries, and the opportunities that are out there could take you to infinity and beyond. How? By using the new, user-friendly, enhanced experience of Start-up Nation Central’s Finder – the definitive innovation discovery platform. Significantly upgraded to serve you better, Finder is there for you – whether you’re the founder of a start-up looking for investors or exposure, or you’ve created a new and groundbreaking technology, or you’re a VC firm in search of its next big investment prospect or you’re a governmental official looking for a solution. Start-Up Nation Central’s free-to-use innovation discovery platform is the leading resource for in-depth information about the Israeli innovation ecosystem. We listened to our users and implemented their feedback, giving Finder a new look and feel, an improved and streamlined user experience and several powerful new features, which only serve to make Finder more useful for you.

Everything You Ever Needed to Know (About Finder)



Finder’s home page is a testament to the strength of the Israeli innovation ecosystem, demonstrating just how many Israeli companies, investors and partners there are, and how well all of them are doing. If you want to see how the financial performance of any given sector is going in real-time, this is where to look – you can find all the detailed and up-to-date financial performance information for any and all of the numerous Israeli companies in the innovation ecosystem in our interactive charts and graphs. Finder also shows the latest and most informed data concerning investments and deals, categorized for ease of reference according to mergers, acquisitions, and IPOs. Updated in real-time, Finder also keeps you posted regarding investments, hubs, investors, MNCs and all the latest news.

All About a Company

Company Timeline_B2

You can also see a dynamic representation of the entire lifecycle of a company, be it start-up, investor or MNC, including the history of a company’s foundation, and a comprehensive run-down on investment information – amount financed, names of financers, and specific stages of investment and corporate development. Here, too, Finder ensures that all this data is not just easily viewed but is also kept constantly up-to-date, offering an all-inclusive and thorough representation that indicates how active a company, investor or MNC is. You can also see the journey of any company, what they’re up to, who’s investing in whom, and which MNC bought which Israeli company.

The Angel in the Mix


The underlying purpose of Finder is to serve the Israeli innovation ecosystem, enabling mutually beneficial connections to be made. Further to constructive and highly useful user feedback, Finder now offers comprehensive data on Angel investors, filterable according to investment amount, stages at which an investment was made and so on. As always, this is a two-way street – now Angels in search of their next investment can quickly and easily find and potentially match up with companies in search of early stage funding rounds and vice versa.

Finder 2.0

Finder’s recent overhaul has taken its abilities to the next level. Improved and enriched to work even better for you, Finder now more than ever offers you all the information you could ever need or wish to know about when researching the Israeli innovation ecosystem. With its new user-centric design, the accurate and up-to-date Trending Investment Graph, the Performance Indicator, and the Company Timeline, not to mention the new, comprehensive bank of data for and about Angel investors, Finder is truly the ultimate in innovation discovery.


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