Everything You Could Ever Want to Know about the Israeli Innovation Ecosystem

Question: What do the following all have in common?

  • A hedge fund executive in search of a new prospect
  • A government envoy seeking a solution to his country’s water crisis
  • A hospital IT manager struggling to protect the hospital from cyber attacks

Answer: They all use Start-Up Nation Central’s Finder.

The Ultimate Innovation Discovery Platform

Finder helps you to find solutions to your challenges, discover new opportunities and learn more about your potential partners in industry. Finder is the culmination of a larger effort on the part of a substantial team of analysts at SNC who have thoroughly researched the Israeli ecosystem and its various verticals and sectors, and have documented all this information in an open-platform, user-friendly, free search engine. Furthermore, the SNC analysts ensure that the platform is kept consistently updated, revising up to a thousand profiles a month to ensure a comprehensive and constant supply of useful, valuable, and accurate information.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker…

Don’t just take our word for it! Stephen van Kcleeck at Zimmer Biomet, a company that ties innovative technology start-ups to investors and contracts in the United States, called Start-Up Nation Finder a “great resource” for finding “excellent, cutting-edge innovation in the Israeli market, using the search functionality to help [them] zero in on specific criteria”.

Finder creates value for all the parties that comprise the innovation ecosystem, regardless of whether they come from the side of the investor or the potential investee. As far as we at SNC are concerned, Finder is the definitive facilitation tool, helping us to help the ecosystem when we work on pairing up companies of interest with potential partners, investors and the like.

Who, What, Where…?

Finder maps each of the various elements into detailed individual profiles, for start-ups and other innovative companies, as well as investors, venture capital funds (VCs), multinational corporations (MNCs), enterprises, angels and so on. You can find anything you could ever need or want to know about any start-up or company – what they do, who the key people are within the organization, information about previous investment funding rounds, and product or company-related news and developments. All in one place, easily accessible, and constantly populated with the most current, relevant data.

And in the grand tradition of saving the best for last, ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to… the Introduction button. If you read about a company that makes your spidey senses tingle, you can simply click the Introduction button, opening a direct channel between you and them, so that you can move forward in a mutually beneficial direction, and take your interest in them to the next level.

Built Right for Maximum Usability

Finder was designed and created to provide the most usable and informative experience for all its users. The platform is carefully and comprehensively indexed with metadata, and allows the use of tags as a tool for searching, which enables easy focus and zoom-in on specific companies that provide solutions suitable to the issues being researched. As an added bonus, not only will you find potential solutions to the issue at hand, but you are also exposed to a range of other interesting potential partnerships, waiting to be explored. Demonstrating this is a testimonial from Albert Lin of the TaiDoc Technology Corporation. While TaiDoc’s initial search in Finder was for a specific company and its technology, Lin’s testimonial states that “the platform has a good collection of information about other start-ups we might be able to do business with, as well as new trends and ideas…I intend to look at more Israeli start-ups…”

Owning Your Stuff

The beauty of Finder goes even further, by allowing companies to own their individual profiles, providing them with the ability to autonomously edit, add and update them with pertinent information as and when necessary. While good news always travels fast, this means that in some cases, it can almost demonstrate a speed akin to that of light.

Finder is there for you as your resource. Watch this space to hear more about Finder, and how it has been improved to work even better for you.

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