New Video Series Celebrates Jerusalem Innovation

Start-Up Nation Central, the Jerusalem Foundation, the Jerusalem Development Authority, and the Ministry for Jerusalem and Heritage are releasing a series of video clips that offer a glimpse into the people and places that make up the city’s thriving high-tech ecosystem.

Home to hundreds of start-up companies and a hub of accelerator and investor activities, Jerusalem, a city with roots dating back thousands of years, is today at the forefront of technological ingenuity. Jerusalem: Where Tech Meets Design, an initiative by Start-Up Nation Central is offering a look into the future with a new series of videos highlighting the Israeli capital’s thriving innovation scene.

The video series, titled Innovation on Location, provides an up-close look at some of the most exciting technological initiatives taking place in the city, ranging from cutting edge biomed that seeks to cure cancer with nuclear energy to a platform that allows people all over the world to experience Jerusalem’s art and culture scene virtually.

The series, which is the passion project of Start-Up Nation Central’s Jerusalem Team led by executive director Wendy Singer and created in partnership with the Jerusalem Foundation, the Jerusalem Development Authority, and the Ministry for Jerusalem and Heritage, offers a glimpse into the people and ideas that make up the city’s innovation ecosystem, who share in their own words what they do, what their motivations are, and why they chose to pursue their work in Jerusalem.

Mapping out Jerusalem’s art scene

The first episode in the series focuses on the Jerusalem art scene, which underwent a radical transformation with the onset of COVID-19. The Jerusalem Art Map, founded by Smadar Tsook, creates innovative models of art galleries, museums, and artist studios, from 3D scans, allowing visitors to see a realistic view of these venues without leaving their homes. At HaMiffal, a shared space run by and for the artist community out of a 19th-century building, co-founder Neta Meisels promotes her vision of an innovative, and interactive culture, playing a role in shaping the city’s future.

Check out the rest of the series at our Tech Meets Design YouTube page with new episodes uploaded weekly.

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