Start-Up Nation Central awarded Yigal Allon Prize for Pioneering Excellence

“The entire state of Israel walks in your path,” Israel’s President Isaac Herzog said in congratulatory remarks. Prof. Eugene Kandel, Co-Chair of Start-Up Nation Central Research & Policy Institute says Israeli innovation draws from pioneering days’ creativity

Start-Up Nation Central was awarded the 2021 Yigal Allon Prize for Pioneering Excellence at a ceremony held at the Palmach Museum in Tel Aviv on Wednesday. The prize, which is named after the Israeli general, politician, and pioneer who commanded the Palmach pre-independence military group, is bestowed annually on individuals, entities, or organizations whose work or actions serve as a model of pioneering excellence, and contribution to Israeli society. 

The 2021 prize was jointly awarded to Start-Up Nation Central and to Prof. Moshe Shoham, who is known as the godfather of the Israeli robotics industry. Both recipients received it for their work in promoting Israeli innovation in industry. The winners were selected by a committee made up of journalist Tali Lipkin Shahak, former IAF pilot and commander Brig.-Gen. (Res) Ra’anan Rani Falk, Brig.-Gen. (Res) Udi Orenstein and Retired IDF Maj.-Gen. Noam Tibon.

Israel’s new president Isaac Herzog congratulated Start-Up Nation Central on receiving the prize. “To you, the people of Start-Up Nation Central, an organization that I admire and deeply appreciate—the organization that connects Israeli entrepreneurs to the entire world, and showcases Israel’s wonderful story of being the Startup Nation—the entire state of Israel walks in your path, filling us all with pride and earning recognition from the entire world for its high-tech excellence,” he said in a recorded video address.

Prof. Eugen Kandel, Start-Up Nation Central’s Co-Chair of Start-Up Nation Central Research & Policy Institute, accepted the prize on behalf of the organization. “What made the Palmach such a landmark in Israel’s history are the same attributes and characteristics that provided the foundation for the success of Israeli innovation technology: outside-the-box thinking, the willingness to take risks, and the belief in one’s ability to reshape the world. It’s also about creativity, the ability to improvise, and a general attitude of fearlessness,” Kandel said. “We are extremely honored and grateful to receive this award,” he added, also expressing thanks to Paul Singer, Terry Kassel, and Dan Senor, the people who sit on the board of directors of the not-for-profit organization “and contribute their time, care and resources to its success.” Kandel also welcomed and wished luck to Avi Hasson, who just a few hours earlier had been announced as the new CEO of Start-Up Nation Central.

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