Things You Can Never Learn by Reading About Innovation Online

I am often asked in interviews: What, in my opinion, makes Israel the Start-Up Nation?

The reporters then ask me to provide data to support my firm statement: Currently, Israel is 2nd to the Silicon Valley as a global hub of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Providing said data is pretty simple:

  • Israel has the highest density of start-ups in the world, with 1 for every 2000 people;
  • Israel is ranked 2 out of 144 countries in the WEF Innovation Rating (2016-2017);
  • Israel boasts the highest number of scientists and tech professionals per capita in the world;
  • Israel attracts more venture capital per capita than any other country;
  • Investors confidence is extremely high, second only to the US;
  • There are more than 60 Accelerators and 100 VCs in Israel, supporting an ecosystem of more than 5000 start-ups and tech companies;
  • Israel has more companies listed on NASDAQ than any country besides the US and China
  • 300 multi-nationals’ R&D Centers are operating on the ground in Israel, from Google to Apple, Intel, and IBM.

If you are only interested in data – that could be enough to convince you.

However, there is so much more to it, that cannot be found online, read in an article or showcased in a presentation.

So what is behind the data?

It was Bill Gates who said, “Israel is, by many measures, the country that has done the most to contribute to the technology revolution.” He must have known and understood something deep about the Israeli ecosystem. I believe that while reading about the most creative startups and their fantastic technologies is always enlightening, getting a hands-on experience of Israeli-innovation-in-progress cannot be beaten.

In the quest to understanding the secret sauce behind the start-up nation, one must explore the entrepreneurial spirit that has built Israel’s worldwide reputation as such an energetic, visionary and financially successful powerhouse of innovation. Whether you are representing a Fortune 100 company, a multi-national corporation, a governmental agency or a non-governmental organization, identifying the unique factors of which the Israeli ecosystem is comprised is key to creating a relevant and effective strategy of collaboration, one which will fit your organization’s needs and interests.

Investors always say it is all about the team

One of the key strengths of the Israeli ecosystem is the human capital that fuels this ecosystem.

With unique characteristics, from academia to military experience, the Israeli entrepreneurs are trained and experienced in out of box thinking, disruptive ideation and high motivation to think global.

Israel provides an unprecedented platform for understanding how creativity and entrepreneurial DNA combine to bring world-changing ideas to the marketplace.

Those are elements you need to experience in person, not read about.

12 months of work in 1 day?

One of the leading healthcare providers in the US, with whom Start-Up Nation Central collaborated in facilitating access to the Israeli ecosystem said:“We wanted to have our foot in the door in Israel and Start-Up Nation Central saved us 6 to 12 month of work in one day”.

The attempts of large companies and governments to prepare themselves for the next industrial revolution while growing through technology and collaborations also need to adopt the language of innovation. And like any other language, the best way of learning it is where it is a native language. Innovation and entrepreneurship are native languages in Israel.

Start-Up Nation Central will connect you – business executives, investors, professionals and government leaders – to the leading experts in your field of interest, taking you behind the scenes to the start-up hubs, technology companies, universities and R&D centers where revolutionary ideas are creating a better reality every day. Start-Up Nation Central can help you practice the language of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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