Where are the 2022 Climate Solutions Prize winners now?

In a significant step forward for Israeli climate tech, the Climate Solutions Prize awarded in October 2022 celebrated the efforts of Israeli researchers and startups committed to addressing the climate crisis. 

This joint initiative by JNF Canada, Start-Up Nation Central, and KKL-JNF awarded over $2 million in grants and cash prizes to the winners during the Climate Solutions Festival in the Hulda Forest.

climate solution prize winners

CSP 2022 Research Track Winners

The Climate Solutions Prize supports research and innovation in response to the climate change crisis. Divided into two tracks, the initiative recognized breakthroughs in academia and the startup ecosystem. The Research Track honored Prof. Avner Rothschild, Prof. Itzhak Mizrahi, and Prof. Malachi Noked for their outstanding contributions to climate-related research.

  • Avner Rothschild from Technion studies decoupled water electrolysis for green hydrogen production at scale. 
  • Itzhak Mizrahi from Ben Gurion University is dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and climate change through the rational design of ruminants’ microbiomes. 
  • Malachi Noked from Bar Ilan University works on developing sodium-ion batteries as a more environmentally friendly energy storage system.

CSP 2022 Startup Track Winners

The Startup Track featured challenges led by industry leaders and philanthropic partners, promoting sustainable practices and addressing climate challenges. Winners included Copprint for their eco-friendly manufacturing process for electronic circuit boards, Marine Edge for their fuel-efficient technology in marine transportation, for their AI-based sustainable fashion revolution, Smart Resilin for their bio-based alternative materials, and Red Solar Flower for their gigawatt-scale solar panel deployment over agricultural areas.

The Climate Solutions Prize and its winners represent a significant step toward global sustainability efforts. By recognizing and supporting innovative solutions, this initiative contributes to the fight against climate change and positions Israel as a leader in addressing climate challenges across various sectors.

So where are the startup track Climate Solutions Prize winners now? Here’s a short update:

  1. Marine Edge won the Temasek Foundation Liveability Innovations Challenge. 

Marine Edge technology focuses on reducing fuel consumption, improving propulsive efficiency, and minimizing carbon emissions in the marine transportation industry. With several successful raises, the company’s most recent funding round was a grant from The Climate Solutions Prize in October 2022​.

  1. Red Solar Flower won the FoodTech Innovation Challenge. 

The company focuses on providing clean energy solutions and enhancing food security in the era of climate change. They develop semi-transparent, non-silicon solar panels that provide power generation and favorable light conditions for plant growth. Red Solar Flower is seeking seed investment and harnessing strategic connections with partners for the development of a manufacturing process for RSF solar panels.

  1. Smart Resilin won the MaterialsTech Innovation Challenge. 

In January 2023, Smart Resilin announced a partnership with Acies Bio to commercialize resilin on a large scale for various industries, from beauty to aerospace. This partnership will leverage Smart Resilin’s technology and AciesBio’s advanced abilities in genetic, microbiological, and scale-up development to bring to market a multi-implementational Resilin as an environmentally beneficial game-changer across industries​​.

  1. StyleTech AI won the Kornit Sustainable Fashion Challenge. 

The company developed a creative platform designed to disrupt the way retailers and manufacturers create their marketing visuals. The platform leverages artificial intelligence and computer vision to convert a simple photo into multiple high-quality looks and quickly provides an unlimited supply of models, enabling brands to produce and design models and virtual models as well as clothing at minimum cost. The company was founded in 2021 and raised $2.86M in a seed funding round in January 2023. 

  1. Copprint won Capital Nature $1M Investment Challenge.

Copprint, the winner of the Capital Nature challenge at CSP 2022, has achieved significant success. They secured a $3.5M funding round, made the Global Cleantech 100 list as the only Israeli material company, expanded production capacity threefold, obtained ISO certifications, produced complete IBC PV Modules, and received recognition in Logitech’s Future Positive Challenge 2023. Copprint is a leading force in material innovation and sustainability.

  1. Seevix Material Sciences won the SustainIL Grand Pivot Challenge

Since CSP 2022, Seevix Material Sciences has been actively engaged in bringing its SVX™-based line of premium, state-of-the-art skin and hair care products to market, and in advancing its 3D cell culture products, SpheroSeev and HydroSeev, in the fields of drug discovery, stem cell research, cancer research, tissue engineering & 3D bioprinting, and cultured meat.

  1. SolOr won the SustainIL Early-Stage Rising Stars Challenge

SolOr develops solar devices that are painted on different substrates, a process that circumvents the need for high temperatures or vacuum conditions. Since winning at CSP 2022, this simple, low-energy solution earned them the ESIL grant, and they are now preparing for the finals of the Israel Climate Awards, hosted by Calcalist, which will take place on July 26th, 2023. 

Climate Solutions Prize 2023

After a successful first event last year, the Climate Solutions Prize 2023 calls all visionary thinkers, passionate entrepreneurs, and innovative companies to join the movement in combatting climate change. This year’s competition brings together the brightest minds from around the world to tackle pressing environmental challenges and drive sustainable solutions. The 2023 Climate Solutions Prize offers a diverse range of challenge tracks, each focusing on a specific area of climate innovation.

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