About us

  1. Start-Up Nation Central is a non-profit organization that connects Israeli innovation to the world to help international entities solve global challenges.

Inspired by the book Start-Up Nation and immersed in the Israeli technology ecosystem, we provide a platform that nurtures business growth and generates partnerships to strengthen Israel’s economy and society.

Israeli innovation with global applications

Since its inception in 2013, Start-Up Nation Central has strategically focused on sectors that have the potential to meet the needs of emerging industries and global challenges. Our current focus areas, where we believe Israel enjoys a leading edge and can provide fertile ground for commercial growth, are Health Tech, Climate Tech, and Agrifood Tech.

Our goal is to help startups in these sectors punch above their weight and exponentially increase activity across each sector.

Gateway to the Israeli ecosystem

One way that we accomplish this is with our flagship Finder Innovation Business Platform.

This comprehensive knowledge hub centralizes actionable data about Israeli startups and technology-based innovation, providing an avenue for investors and multinational corporations to connect with the ecosystem.

Forging regional relationships

As part of Start-Up Nation Central’s mission, our Innovation Diplomacy activities connect Israeli technological solutions to governments, corporations, international institutions, and NGOs across the region and the globe.

Innovation Diplomacy forges resilient, long-term relationships rooted in business collaborations that address shared regional challenges.

Over the past decade, our team has worked with some of the most influential global stakeholders including leading multinational cooperations and Fortune 500 companies, held thousands of corporate engagements, and generated significant business outcomes. These include investments, joint ventures, technology pilots, POCs, commercial agreements, and the establishment of local R&D and innovation centers.

Start-Up Nation Central’s unique position as an independent, agnostic NGO enables us to promote mutually beneficial outcomes for both our partners in the Israeli innovation ecosystem and international partners from the public and private sectors.



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    Israeli Innovation Ecosystem Development

    We identify tech sectors with high growth potential and boost them by providing business and investment opportunities, data and insights along with networking events to foster collaboration.

    Global Partnerships

    We forge business relationships through customized engagements leveraging global companies competitive advantage goals by facilitating partnerships and joint ventures with Israeli innovators.

    Innovation Diplomacy

    We strengthen Israel’s international relations by leveraging innovation as a diplomatic resource. By identifying shared challenges and ways to solve them together, we cultivate governmental, business, and people-to-people ties.