About Us

At Startup Nation Central, we help tackle today’s most complex challenges by harnessing Israel’s bold and determined approach to tech innovation.
We call this Impatient Innovation.

We provide global solution seekers with frictionless access to local problem solvers, their expertise, and the innovation they offer. At the same time, we fortify Israel’s tech ecosystem from within by providing local entrepreneurs with opportunities to form global partnerships that accelerate growth and impact.

We Believe Innovation is Best When Shared

Founded in 2013, Startup Nation Central is a free-acting NGO, driven by a diverse team of industry-leading business and tech experts.

Our unique, unbiased stance allows us to operate beyond borders, building bridges where none exist and strengthening business ties across the globe. We promote the open exchange of knowledge, resources, and best practices – between Israel’s bold and determined problem solvers and the industry leaders, multinational corporations, and international bodies seeking innovative solutions to their complex challenges.

Finder Platform is the Home of Israel's Tech Ecosystem

Finder is the engagement platform that enables multinational corporations, global organizations, investors, innovators, and startup founders to meet, connect, and manage their business relationships. 

This comprehensive knowledge hub is the online home of the Israeli tech ecosystem. Finder centralizes actionable data about Israeli startups and technology, allowing people to discover and explore opportunities they would have never thought possible.


Forging Regional Relationships

Innovation Diplomacy forges resilient, long-term relationships rooted in business collaborations that address shared regional challenges.

Our Innovation Diplomacy team partners with governments and global organizations to exchange knowledge, expertise, resources, and best practices. Together we can work towards solving common challenges and advancing mutual, long-term goals with the aim of unlocking unlimited potential economic prosperity for everyone.

Innovation is a Key Driver for Growth

Driving collaboration through joint ventures, pilot programs, POCs, and commercial agreements, helping establish local R&D and innovation centers, and designing custom business engagements. It’s all part of a day’s work for us at Startup Nation Central.

We are proud to work with international organizations, Fortune 500s, leading multinational corporations, and Israeli entrepreneurs and startups alike – helping them accelerate the development of innovative solutions to today’s modern challenges.


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    What We Do

    Connect, Build, Grow

    Tech Ecosystem Development

    We identify tech sectors with high growth potential and lay the foundations for their future growth by fostering collaborations and providing strategic business and investment opportunities.


    Global Partnerships

    We support global companies in advancing their business goals by aligning their needs with the solutions and expertise of local Israeli innovators – establishing relationships and fostering partnerships and joint ventures.


    Innovation Diplomacy

    We strengthen Israel’s international relations by leveraging innovation as a diplomatic resource - working alongside governments and global organizations, exchanging knowledge and resources to make progress on long-term goals, and driving mutual economic prosperity.