Forging International Relations Through Israeli Innovation

Innovation is the most significant economic driver for a world that’s constantly striving to advance and overcome challenges.

Advancing Long-term Goals for Mutual Economic Prosperity

At Startup Nation Central, we work alongside governments and global organizations to forge ties and business relationships with regional and global partners to address specific needs. From desertification and food security, to improving healthcare and handling climate change, innovation diplomacy creates partnerships that facilitate the free exchange of knowledge, best practices, and resources.

Designing a Collaborative Work Plan

We diagnose challenges and develop a clear execution plan to attain mutual goals. Initiatives include drawing from Israel’s experience and know-how to help develop an innovation ecosystem, address human capital challenges and promote entrepreneurship in other countries, or apply Israeli expertise in our core focus sectors - Health Tech, AgriFood Tech, Climate Tech, and others. These collaborations also help Israel overcome challenges such as the limited size of its local consumer market or the human capital shortage.

About us

What We Do

Connect, Build, Grow

Tech Ecosystem Development

We identify tech sectors with high growth potential and lay the foundations for their future growth by fostering collaborations and providing strategic business and investment opportunities.


Global Partnerships

We support global companies in advancing their business goals by aligning their needs with the solutions and expertise of local Israeli innovators – establishing relationships and fostering partnerships and joint ventures.


Innovation Diplomacy

We strengthen Israel’s international relations by leveraging innovation as a diplomatic resource - working alongside governments and global organizations, exchanging knowledge and resources to make progress on long-term goals, and driving mutual economic prosperity.