• Avi Hasson
    Avi Hasson's career spans executive leadership roles in the business, technology, and not-for-profit sectors. He served as Chief Scientist at Israel's Ministry of Economy and Industry, and as Founding Chairman of the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA), the government entity tasked with planning and executing innovation policy in Israel.
  • Prof. Eugene Kandel
    Co-chairman of Start-Up Nation Policy Institute
    Professor Eugene Kandel is the co-Chairman of Start-Up Nation Policy Institute (SNPI) which aims to promote strategy and economic policies to ensure that Israel maintains its leadership position in technological innovation and leverages its position to generate value for its citizens.
  • Ari Strasberg
    VP of Strategy and Chief of Staff
    Ari Strasberg is the VP of Strategy and Chief of Staff at Start Up Nation Central. Ari is a former management consultant at Capgemini Consulting and Israel Impact Partners. He served as CEO of the Israel Tennis and Education Centers, one of the largest sports and education NGOs in Israel, and as Chief Commercial Officer for a sports-tech startup.
  • Wendy Singer
    Executive Director and Chairwoman of Scale-Up Velocity
    Wendy Singer has served as Executive Director of Start-Up Nation Central since its founding in 2013. She worked with the US-based funders to build the infrastructure and professional team in Israel, and to launch its initial activities – connecting Israel’s innovation ecosystem with government and business leaders around the world.
  • Uri Gabai
    CEO of Start-Up Nation Policy Institute
    Mr. Uri Gabai is the CEO of Start Up Nation Policy Institute, which aims to promote strategy and economic policies to ensure that Israel maintains its leadership position in technological innovation and leverages its position to generate value for its citizens Mr. Gabai is the former Co – General Manager and VP of Strategy of Start-Up Nation Central (SNC).
  • Chico Menashe
    With 21 years of experience in digital and broadcast media, Chico Menashe previously managed Reshet Bet, Israel Broadcasting Authority’s news radio station. He also served as deputy editor-in-chief at the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation (IPBC), overseeing news programs across digital, television and radio platforms.
  • Jeremie Kletzkine
    VP Business Development
    Jeremie Kletzkine, VP of Business Development at Start-Up Nation Central. Jeremie is an entrepreneur and executive with technological expertise. He previously served as the Director of Worldwide Business Development at PrimeSense (acquired by Apple).
  • Dana Pollak Wasserman
    VP Human resources
    Dana has more than 15 years of experience in HR management. Dana leads all HR aspects of the organization including recruitment, training, employee and management development, welfare, HR strategy and more.
  • Laura Gilinski
    VP Philanthropic Partnerships
    Laura Gilinski is VP of Philanthropic Partnerships at Start-Up Nation Central. In this capacity, she is responsible for all Start-Up Nation Central’s development related issues including partner cultivation, retention, and support.
  • Eliran Elimelech
    VP Strategic Partnerships Department
    Eliran Elimelech is the VP of the strategic partnerships division at Start-Up Nation Central. Prior to his arrival at SNC, Eliran ran a private consultancy for Israeli start-ups wishing to operate in developing markets such as China, India, and the CIS, and was a commercial attache at the Israeli Embassy in Beijing, where he was responsible for promoting Israeli companies in China through various business and trade initiatives.
  • Yariv Lotan
    VP Product, Development, and Information
    Yariv is leading Startup Nation Central’s flagship online product - Finder (a business innovation platform). Before that Mr. Lotan was responsible for supporting the development of strategic sectors. The end-goal was to develop the sectors of Industry 4.0, AgriFood, and Digital health, into leading global hubs of innovation.