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We provide global solution seekers with frictionless access to Israel's bold and determined problem solvers - to their expertise, and to the innovation they offer.

What We Do

Connect, Build, Grow

Tech Ecosystem Development

We identify tech sectors with high growth potential and lay the foundations for their future growth by fostering collaborations and providing strategic business and investment opportunities.


Global Partnerships

We support global companies in advancing their business goals by aligning their needs with the solutions and expertise of local Israeli innovators – establishing relationships and fostering partnerships and joint ventures.


Innovation Diplomacy

We strengthen Israel’s international relations by leveraging innovation as a diplomatic resource - working alongside governments and global organizations, exchanging knowledge and resources to make progress on long-term goals, and driving mutual economic prosperity.


Finder, The Business Engagement Platform of the Israeli Tech Ecosystem

Our engagement platform, Finder, brings global solution seekers together with Israel’s innovators, enabling them to create business connections, discover strategic opportunities, connect, and collaborate.

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focus sectors

  • Agrifood Tech
  • Health Tech
  • Climate Tech

Agrifood Tech

Israel is a trailblazer in the field of Agrifood Tech. Having been forced to innovate to overcome unfavorable agricultural conditions, today it is home to the second largest ecosystem in the world, made up of more than 400 companies. At Startup Nation Central our team of Agrifood Tech experts forge connections and support collaboration between global organizations and Israel’s problem solvers to feed the world’s ever-growing population in healthier and more sustainable ways.
  • $2.80B
  • Total capital raised by year

Investments by Year

Source: Startup Nation Finder

Health Tech

Israel is home to a robust, data-driven health system with public and private institutions at the forefront of research and medical innovation, and a vibrant Health Tech ecosystem. At Startup Nation Central our team of Health Tech experts generate business opportunities and nurture strategic partnerships between international health organizations, corporations, and investors, and Israel’s impatient innovators, to tackle complex global healthcare challenges.
  • $13.10B
  • Total capital raised by year

Investments by Year

Source: Startup Nation Finder

Climate Tech

Israel is home to a vibrant Climate Tech ecosystem with 850 startups and growth companies providing solutions for climate change across sub sectors such as sustainable food production, afforestation, recycling, energy efficiency, and smart mobility, providing solutions to meet net-zero emissions targets. At Startup Nation Central, our team of Climate Tech experts forge strategic partnerships and advance collaboration between global entities and Israel’s impatient innovators to ensure a sustainable and livable world for future generations.
  • $5.40B
  • Total capital venture raised by year

Investments by Year

Source: Startup Nation Finder

Human Capital Solutions

We partner with Israeli tech companies, academic institutions, and government agencies to build programs that increase the availability and diversity of local talent in untapped communities to strengthen Israel’s economy and society.

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