Climate Solutions Prize 2023: A Gateway for Young & Growth Companies to Connect with Global Players 

Are you ready to make a lasting positive impact on our planet while opening a world of business opportunities? The Climate Solutions Prize 2023 is creating a gateway for both young startups and growth-stage innovative companies to address the environmental pain points of global players. This format brings together top-tier multinational corporations with the brightest Israeli innovators to drive sustainable solutions in energy, plastics, and other areas. With multiple challenge tracks, one application gives you the chance to win big in multiple categories.  

Let’s dive into the challenges, partners, and prizes for the 2023 Climate Solutions Prize!

Climate Solutions Prize 2023

Seven 2023 Climate Solutions Prize Challenges at a Glance 

The Climate Solutions Prize 2023 runs a wide range of challenge tracks, each targeting a specific area of climate innovation and powered by a distinguished partner. Every individual challenge track provides unique opportunities and prizes including access to attentive decision-makers at multinational corporations, visibility at the AWS Showcase Center at COP28 in Dubai, and more. 

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the challenges that will put your startup at the forefront of sustainable transformation:  

  1. Capital Nature $1M Investment Track 

The $1M Investment Track presents a unique opportunity for startups with TRL 5-9 to secure significant funding to scale their operations and environmental impact. With a $1 million investment, the winning startup can make a profound difference in the fight against climate change. Read more.

  1. Italgas Decarbonizing Energy Infrastructure Challenge 

As the world seeks to transition to cleaner fuels, the adaptation of existing energy infrastructure, particularly gas networks, is a significant challenge. The introduction of cleaner gases like hydrogen into gas networks requires innovative modifications to the infrastructure. Startups and advanced scale-up companies are working on solutions such as advanced leak detection systems, efficient blending techniques, and infrastructure repurposing strategies. The Italgas Decarbonizing Energy Infrastructure Challenge offers these startups and scale-ups a platform to contribute to the essential transition toward a sustainable future. ItalGas is seeking groundbreaking approaches to decarbonize energy distribution infrastructure. The winner of this challenge will receive a $10,000 cash prize and an engagement package, facilitating potential collaborations and future success. Read more.

  1. E.ON Energy Solutions for Industry & Buildings Challenge 

The Energy Infrastructure Solutions Division within E.ON is seeking innovative solutions for clients in the industrial and buildings segment. Potential solutions include electrification and energy management solutions for industries such as manufacturing, food & beverage, and cement, decarbonization solutions for city quarters (both retrofit and new builds), operations & maintenance improvements, and energy efficiency solutions. The winning startup will potentially pilot solutions to E.ON clients, receive guidance and feedback from industry experts, and win a $10,000 cash prize. Read more.

  1. Takeda Plastic Waste in Health Care Facilities & Biotech Challenge 

The plasma industry generates significant plastic waste, adding to the broader problem of plastic pollution. Japanese healthcare leader Takeda’s plasma-derived therapies business, BioLife Plasma Services, operates a global network of plasma donation centers that is interested in tackling the plastic waste issue with innovative solutions such as biodegradable medical products, efficient recycling processes, and waste reduction strategies. The Takeda Challenge is focused on identifying and accelerating such solutions. The winner of this challenge will secure a $10,000 cash prize and an engagement package to accelerate the implementation of the technological solution. Read more

  1. Continental AG Sustainable Materials for Automotive Applications Challenge 

Around 30% of vehicle parts are made of plastic. Continental’s Automotive Group produces a wide range of vehicle components, mainly made from different types and grades of plastics. To drive sustainability, Continental is seeking innovation including bio-based and nature-based plastic alternatives, upcycling mixed post-consumer plastic waste from different industries into automotive applications, effective and scalable recycling solutions, and new material alternatives for automotive applications with a smaller environmental footprint compared to conventional polymers. The winner of this challenge will secure a $10,000 cash prize and an engagement package to accelerate the implementation of their technological solution. Read more.

  1. Temasek Foundation Disruptive Decarbonization Prize 

The process of decarbonization — reducing the reliance on fossil fuels and lowering carbon dioxide emissions — is vital to combat climate change. Yet, it’s a complex challenge that demands innovative, out-of-the-box solutions. Startups are developing groundbreaking approaches that include advanced energy storage, carbon sequestration technologies, and disruptive energy production methods. The Temasek Foundation Disruptive Decarbonization Prize serves as a recognition and a push for such disruptive innovations, driving accelerated decarbonization. The challenge winner will receive $25,000 and a funded trip to Singapore, a global hub for innovation and sustainability. Read more

  1. ESIL’s Early-Stage Funding Competition 

Early-stage startups need funding as well as design partnerships with their potential future clients. ESIL (Environmental Sustainability Innovation Lab) – a joint venture of EDF Renewables, Bazan Group, and Johnson Matthey – works under the concession of the Israel Innovation Authority to provide precisely that. Through these co-founders and other strategic partners, ESIL invests in early-stage climate tech startups and accelerates their growth toward commercialization. ESIL is searching for early-stage innovations across a wide area of climate-relevant topics, such as renewable energy, hydrogen, and pollution monitoring, management, and treatment. Offering 1 million NIS in investment along with potential follow-on investments and a funded visit to Dubai to attend COP28, this Challenge fits early-stage innovators with TRL 3-7. Read more.

One Application, Multiple Opportunities to Win 

The Climate Solutions Prize 2023 is structured so that a single application enters your company into all challenge tracks, with the possibility to opt out of the tracks less relevant to your solution. This means you have multiple opportunities to win and make a substantial impact. Whether you’re seeking investments, partnership opportunities with industry leaders, or visibility, this competition has it all. 

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The Start-Up Track of the Climate Solutions Prize 2023 is organized by the Climate Solutions Prize Organization, with Start-Up Nation Central, JNF-Canada, and KKL-JNF, to showcase innovative climate solutions to a global audience. With a single application, you gain access to multiple challenge tracks and opportunities from esteemed partners and sponsors, including AWS, Deloitte Catalyst, Bidra VC, Skipso, and others.  

Apply for the Climate Solutions Prize 2023 Start-Up Track now! Together, we can create a better world for generations to come. 

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