Start-Up Nation Finder: How Global Stakeholders Zero in on Start-Up Nation Solutions

Israeli tech has the potential to provide vital solutions to global demands; the challenge is how to open the Israeli innovation ecosystem to targeted discovery and engagement. 

As global interconnectedness makes the world smaller, the perspective of public and private entities worldwide must get bigger – especially when it comes to meeting pressing, shared challenges. Governments are increasingly prioritizing the United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals and, simultaneously, corporations are shifting focus to environmental, social, and governance, accelerating the search for tech solutions to attain net zero, ensure user privacy, and protect digital assets. 

Across every industry and in every region, responsible industry and sustainable resource management are increasingly guiding goals and values. 

The vibrant, concentrated nature of the Israeli innovation ecosystem, with over 7300 tech startups and capital investment of $15.5B, is a global leader in innovative technology. Even after the challenging financial conditions of 2022, Israel is the ideal place for both public and private entities the world over to find innovative solutions to their critical challenges and business needs. Collaboration and knowledge-sharing with the Israeli innovation ecosystem have the potential to provide vital solutions to global challenges and pressing business needs.

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The hurdle to overcome is discovery: How can an entity searching for a solution pinpoint the Israeli tech startup with exactly what it needs?

The need for innovation in addressing global challenges

We are facing global challenges on a scale that humanity has never seen before. Climate change is on the brink of making our world a much less liveable place, there are painful gaps in healthcare access, and water and food insecurity threatens millions. In addition, interconnectedness also creates opportunities for security breaches and cyber-attacks. 

These challenges call for novel responses and human creativity is being called upon to develop advanced technology and find effective ways to apply it. The climate, health, and agrifood – as well as the cyber and fintech sectors – reflect the effort being put into innovating scalable solutions to these challenges.

Yariv Lotan, VP Product, Development and Data at Start-Up Nation Central, explains how the ecosystem has the potential to bridge these gaps:

“At Start-Up Nation Central, we have spent years mapping the entire Israeli startup ecosystem, focusing on sectors where we can contribute to bridging the gap between developing a product and getting it in front of the right clients or investors. This gap is particularly apparent in impact industries such as agrifood Tech where Israel has a significant advantage but there are challenges to securing investments, launching POCs, and going to market with a sustainable and scalable roadmap.”

Israeli Innovation: A Gift to the World

Israel’s early days presented an immediate need for ingenuity and determination. Survival depended on meeting a myriad of challenges: feeding a growing population in a land with vast tracts of desert, physical and diplomatic isolation, building an effective healthcare system from the ground up, and more. The innovation and commitment required forged Israel’s national character and have carried through to the present day, playing a major role in Israel’s transformation into the startup nation.

Throughout its 75-year history, Israel has taken its innovative spirit and made it a foundational part of relationship-building with global entities. Today’s world is deeply connected, building and reinforcing cooperation through knowledge sharing and business collaboration on increasingly larger scales. Israel’s innovative prowess brings significant value to global relationships and partnerships, positioning the small country as a source of tech and expertise. 

The challenge is in delivery: How can global stakeholders searching for help access the solutions available in the Israeli innovation ecosystem? It’s not simple.

The obstacles facing early-stage Israeli tech startups

Solutions to global challenges tend to be less monetizable than other tech sectors such as cyber or fintech. This means that ideas or products that could change the world for the better may struggle to secure funding – if there is no fleshed-out POC, most VCs will be reluctant to invest. Climate tech, for example, has notably fewer accelerators and VCs dedicated to it than many other industries, likewise for other impact sectors. 

Even in the more ‘mainstream’ tech sectors such as fintech and cyber tech, it can be tough for early-stage companies to get their tech to the world and attract the right partners or investors to scale their offerings. Plus, even startups that have received funding and made it past earlier stages will likely only make an impact globally if they are acquired or contracted by a multinational corporation (MNC). 

Left to chance, it is very unlikely that these companies will succeed – and the scalable, high-value tech products they have developed won’t make it to market. So the question is: how can founders approach MNC leadership effectively? How can they develop a proof of concept that demonstrates go-to-market potential? And how can MNCs and investors hone in on the products they need and initiate contact with the startups?

Start-up Nation Finder opens the door

Creating an engagement platform for the Israeli innovation ecosystem is one of the core aims of the Israeli non-profit, Start-Up Nation Central (SNC). SNC creates business connections between relevant Israeli startups and global players who are looking to access high-quality innovation. 

Eight years ago, SNC realized the need for an independently accessible startup database that would map the entire Israeli tech ecosystem and provide a platform for discovery and connection. Start-up Nation Finder has grown rapidly from its inception, encompassing – at the time of publication – 7000+ Israeli tech startups, 850+ investors, 400+ multinationals, and 375+ hubs. 

Yariv explains how Finder facilitates business engagement and deal flow with Israeli startups: 

“In today’s dynamic business landscape, innovation is the key to success. Startup nation solutions have revolutionized industries worldwide, and accessing these cutting-edge ideas and technologies is crucial for global stakeholders. This is where Start-Up Nation Finder, the groundbreaking SaaS platform for innovation ecosystem engagement, comes into play. With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, Finder empowers businesses to tap into the limitless potential of Israel’s tech solutions. Finder’s Dealflow Desktop, Ecosystem Storytelling, and Marketplace Network can revolutionize the way you discover and engage with innovative startups.”

Overcoming the obstacles by facilitating ecosystem access

Productive connections between startups and investors, R&D labs and accelerators, fledging companies, and MNCs, all depend on a streamlined process to discover and investigate relevant players in the Israeli innovation ecosystem. These connections would be propelled by access to comprehensive and up-to-date information about startups and other players in the ecosystem.

Ideally, all of these features would be available in one intuitive, easy-to-navigate platform. The right kind of platform would also enable communication within the system itself, to accelerate the journey from interest to collaboration. Finder answers this need and offers a range of features to support global engagement with the Israeli startup ecosystem:

1. Dealflow Desktop: Unleash Business Insights and Personalized Tools

Start-Up Nation Finder’s Dealflow Desktop provides an unparalleled experience for global stakeholders seeking valuable business insights. By leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning, this personalized tool enables users to identify and evaluate high-potential startups that align with their specific needs and interests. No more endless hours of manual research; Finder streamlines the process, saving you time and effort. Whether you are an investor, corporation, or accelerator, Finder’s Dealflow Desktop is your gateway to a world of innovation.

2. Ecosystem Storytelling: Amplify the Voice of the Ecosystem

Innovation thrives on effective communication, and Finder’s Ecosystem Storytelling feature is designed to do just that. It serves as a narrative and content channel, presenting the inspiring stories and achievements of startups within the ecosystem. By showcasing these success stories, Finder amplifies the voice of the ecosystem, giving startups the recognition they deserve while inspiring others to take part. Think of it as a TEDx finder-like asset, where ideas, experiences, and expertise converge to shape the future of innovation.

3. Marketplace Network: Your Gateway to the Start-Up Nation Innovation Network

Start-Up Nation Finder’s Marketplace Network is a vibrant community of startups, investors, corporations, and industry experts from the ecosystem. By joining this powerful network, you gain unparalleled access to a wealth of resources, connections, and opportunities. Whether you are looking to invest, partner, or collaborate, Finder’s Marketplace Network serves as the ultimate facilitator, bridging the gap between startups and global stakeholders.

4. Enhancing Ecosystem Impact: Acquire Users and Deliver Personalized Business Value

Finder goes beyond being a mere platform; it strives to improve ecosystem impact by acquiring registered and active users and delivering personalized business value. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, Finder creates an environment where startups thrive, investors find lucrative opportunities, and corporations discover cutting-edge solutions. By fostering collaboration and facilitating meaningful connections, Finder is driving the growth and success of the local ecosystem on a global scale.

But it’s not just about discovery and engagement. 

The industry data collected by Finder is an added benefit, delivering live insights, trends, and takeaways from the ecosystem. Start-Up Nation Central leverages these vast amounts of data to produce reports with real-time industry insights for the benefit of all ecosystem members:

“In the realm of innovation, Start-Up Nation Finder stands out as a game-changer for global stakeholders seeking startup nation solutions. By using Finder, you not only gain access to an unparalleled pool of innovative startups but also contribute to the growth and success of the Israeli ecosystem.”

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