Start-Up Nation Central Collaborates with Microsoft to Promote Israeli AgriFood-Tech Startups

This collaboration aims to integrate innovative agricultural data companies with core technologies of AI, Cloud & Machine Learning with Microsoft’s AI tools to

May 07 2023, Tel Aviv: Start-Up Nation Central has collaborated with Microsoft to promote Israeli AgriFood Tech startups in the international marketplace. The collaboration focuses on connecting AI, data, cloud, and machine learning technologies from agricultural information to Microsoft’s AI tools.

Together, Start-Up Nation Central and Microsoft will work to identify global AgriFood Tech challenges, with an emphasis on connecting AI technologies that can help develop durable models for optimal and sustainable agriculture across the entire value chain.

Led by Microsoft AgriFood CTO Ranveer Chandra, the collaboration will identify relevant innovative companies in Israel that are using agricultural data for cutting edge applications. It will also examine how these technologies can be integrated into Microsoft’s cloud-based agriculture-focused business tools.

Israeli AgriFood Tech entrepreneurs will benefit from exposure to global opportunities through Microsoft’s network of connections. Potential opportunities include collaborations with strategic partners, access to new markets, and showcasing market-ready technologies on a global scale.

“The Israeli AgriFood Tech industry is well advanced in data, software, and connectivity, and offers incredible potential for Microsoft in the growing field of data-driven agriculture,” said Start-Up Nation Central CEO, Avi Hasson. “Israel boasts over 250 leading cloud agriculture startups that offer fertile ground for innovation in this rapidly developing sector. Start-Up Nation Central’s unparalleled access to the Israeli startup ecosystem and connections to global multinational companies like Microsoft, enables us to create exciting opportunities.”

In the first phase of the collaboration, Start-Up Nation Central and Microsoft will promote a series of tech challenges to propel mapping Israeli startups and relevant technologies within the AgriFood Tech sector.

The first two tech challenges are already underway with a focus on water management and sustainable agriculture. As part of these challenges, over 40 relevant Israeli startups were mapped, and two Israeli AgriFood-Tech companies– Projini (developers of innovative pesticide solutions) and Saturas (developers of a breakthrough sensor-based precision system for optimized irrigation) – were selected to collaborate with Microsoft at this event and have the opportunity to collaborate with Microsoft’s global technology and investment teams.

Saturas is an Israeli agtech company that has developed an InTree™ sensor-based intelligence system, enabling accurate wide-scale health tree management for high-value crops and forestry. Co-founder and CEO, Anat Halgoa Solomon: “Knowing that this is a difficult time in the market today for investments, both globally and especially in Israel, this vote of confidence and opportunity we received definitely improve our position and chances to succeed. In addition to the participation at the conference, we were invited by Microsoft and Start-Up Nation Central to place Saturas tree model at 15 Microsoft locations around the world next to the farm model they present to promote their new platform – which we are very proud of”.

Projini AgChem is discovering and developing new pesticides that interfere with the cellular machinery known as protein-protein interactions network. Such novel discoveries are much needed to grow enough food for the fast-growing world population. CEO of the company, Dotan Peleg: “During the conference, we revealed our technology to dozens of leading stakeholders in the field. AI is reshaping many industries and using AI to innovate the crop protection industry for sustainability, pesticide safety and pesticide-resistant control opens new horizons for all. Projini is proud to pioneer this important industry transition with our unique AI capabilities. We are privileged to scale our proprietary AI capabilities even further through collaborations with Microsoft’s promising new AI platforms ”

About Start-Up Nation Central: Start-Up Nation Central is a non-profit organization that connects Israeli innovation to the world in order to help international entities solve global challenges. Immersed in the Israeli technology ecosystem, we provide a platform that nurtures business growth and generates partnerships with corporations, governments, investors, and NGOs to strengthen Israel’s economy and society.

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