SNC launches UAE-IL Tech Zone, the first UAE-Israel innovation community

The community will help both nations promote innovation and technology ties through regional and business partnerships

Start-Up Nation Central (SNC), Nobex, Hybrid, and Fusion LA have launched the UAE-IL Tech Zone – the first community of its kind, established after the Abraham Accords were signed. The aim of the community is to connect between the innovation-technology-business ecosystem in Israel and its UAE counterpart.

The new community was founded by Noa Gastfreund, Managing Director of Hybrid, an accelerator for early-stage startups with at least one founder from the Arab Israeli community; Guy Katsovich, Cofounder of Fusion LA, which helps Israeli technology ventures penetrate the U.S. market; and Basil Farraj, CEO of startup Nobex Technologies, which provides digital solutions for audio applications tailored to broadcasters and podcasters around the world.

The exclusive community already includes more than 1,000 people in the business, innovation and technology sectors, investors, developers, and government entities from both countries. The community connects investors and entrepreneurs from both countries and helps Israeli entrepreneurs deepen their understanding of the business and innovation culture in the UAE.

The community currently runs on LinkedIn, and in the near future, members can expect to join physical meetings via delegations to both countries, workshops, roundtables, conferences, and relevant activities to emphasize the strengths of each country. During 2021, the community will move to a dedicated digital platform that will enable its members to hold discussions in dedicated forums, including high-tech investments, FinTech, cyber, agriculture, smart mobility, and more.

“The purpose of the community is to provide a cultural and business bridge between the two countries through innovation and technology,” says Michal Seror, Start-Up Nation Central Director of Community Development. “Our experience proves that a tech community is one of the most successful levers for promoting business cooperation. We invite entrepreneurs, senior business executives, government officials, and technology companies to join our exclusive community.”

To learn more, and to apply, click here.  

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