Start-Up Nation Central Congratulates the United Arab Emirates on its Hope Orbiter Reaching Mars

February 12, 2021 — Start-Up Nation Central, a nonprofit organization building bridges to Israeli innovation, applauds the United Arab Emirates Space Agency on the launch of the Hope Orbiter, al-Amal, which reached Mars on February 9, 2021. Scientists in the region and around the world will be able to learn about the Martian atmosphere as a result of this mission.

The name of this space mission, Hope – or al-Amal in Arabic – resonates in Israel, the Startup Nation. The UAE’s success brings hope to people around the world, including many aspiring youths in the Arab world. Mabrouk!

“Sending the Hope spacecraft to Mars to study the planet’s atmosphere will position the UAE among the very few countries that have taken their space program to the next level,” Prof. Eugene Kandel, CEO of Start-Up Nation Central, commented. “Having a regional partner in the Middle East undertake this daring mission is very meaningful for the State of Israel whose ambitious space program is poised to make breakthroughs, and we can only imagine what Israel and the UAE can do together in space exploration.”

Kandel added: “The UAE and Israel are both small countries with big dreams, taking their ambitions to outer space. We believe the recent signing of the Abraham Accords will allow both nations to harness their knowledge and achieve new milestones in space exploration.”

Start-Up Nation Central works with the Israeli entrepreneurship ecosystem to introduce Israeli technologies that tackle some of the world’s biggest problems. Similarly focused on space exploration and discovery, Israel is home to many startups in this field. Some were involved in the first ever private mission to the moon, Beresheet. While Beresheet did not make a soft landing on the moon, scientists and entrepreneurs are undeterred, and plans for Beresheet II are well underway.

Start-Up Nation Central looks forward to facilitating collaboration between space exploration ecosystems in Israel and the UAE. Please join our UAE-IL Tech Zone Community, where Emirati and Israeli tech leaders join hands to create a stronger region through technology.

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