Climate Tech

Climate Tech refers to innovative technologies focused on reducing, mitigating, or removing emissions, or addressing the impacts of global warming.

Why is Climate Tech Important?

Climate change is a complex challenge that demands a systemic change in all steps of the value chain in any sector. This demand represents a major opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors, and businesses – and Climate Tech innovation has an important role to play.


Israel’s Ecosystem

Israel is already a renowned global leader in technological innovation in fields such as smart Mobility, Digital Health, FinTech, and Cybersecurity.
In addition, Israel is a global leader in water and irrigation solutions as well as precision agriculture, becoming one of the few countries in the world to reverse desertification and develop sustainable agriculture in an arid climate.

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Tech Ecosystem Development

We identify tech sectors with high growth potential and lay the foundations for their future growth by fostering collaborations and providing strategic business and investment opportunities.


Global Partnerships

We support global companies in advancing their business goals by aligning their needs with the solutions and expertise of local Israeli innovators – establishing relationships and fostering partnerships and joint ventures.


Innovation Diplomacy

We strengthen Israel’s international relations by leveraging innovation as a diplomatic resource - working alongside governments and global organizations, exchanging knowledge and resources to make progress on long-term goals, and driving mutual economic prosperity.