Success Stories

Israeli innovation: the key to your success

The Israeli Innovation Ecosystem is truly the key to the success of Start-Up Nation Central’s clients

Henry Ford Health 2
“Start-Up Nation Central has been a great collaborator for us. With the resources that you have here, with your knowledge of the ecosystem, and with your involvement in interacting and matchmaking, it has been a brilliant partnership.”
Dr. Scott Dulchavsky
CEO Innovation Institute, Chief of Surgery at Henry Ford Health
“We were highly impressed by the technologies, the creativity, the complex solutions, and the passion and commitment of Israeli startups to deal with the challenges posed by Alzheimer’s disease”
Avi Danziger
GM, Roche Israel
“We need to leverage this fantastic brain power that is emerging in this ecosystem in Israel”
Bernard Meunier
Nestlé’s Executive Vice President
Henry Ford Health System
“Our partnership with Start-Up Nation Central really exceeded our needs…”
Lisa Prasad
VP and Chief innovation office, Henry Ford Health Systems.
Rolls-Royce Power Systems
“I’ve come to Israel because I’ve heard so much about advancements that have been made in Israel and it’s really amazing to see. It really has blown my mind because it has exceeded my narrow scope on cybersecurity so far… AFTER THIS VISIT [START-UP NATION CENTRAL] IS VERY CLEARLY A GO-TO ADDRESS TO EXPLORE MORE THAN 6,000 COMPANIES.”
Andreas Schell
CEO of Rolls-Royce Power Systems
“It was very useful to get to know how the Israeli eco-system works, to meet with the different start-ups as well as The Builders and The Floor and learning about their role in the commercialization of Isreali tech-companies in cooperation with global players”
Benedicte Schilbred Fasmer
Konserndirektør Bedriftsmarked Group Executive Vice President of Corporate Banking
“This relationship has greatly helped us explore new tech innovation and establish connections with the Israeli startup ecosystem”
Dario Kolenko
Digital Business Development & Ventures, Business Technology at EMD Serono, Inc.
“I recommend Start-Up Nation Central to anyone looking to learn more about innovative solutions to the world’s pressing global challenges”
Hanne Dalmut
Director of Social Impact at Concordia
BNY Mellon
“Your delivery of key market innovators, new technologies and pivotal ecosystem participants has contributed directly to the milestones achieved in these efforts to date.”
Sure Kumar
Chief Information Officer
Henry Ford Health System
“SNC has been instrumental in our ability to connect with all the key players in the Israeli technology-based ecosystem”
Lisa Prasad
Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer at Henry Ford Health
“I was impressed with your passion to support our entry into the Israeli market”
Adi Ofek
CEO, Mercedes Benz Research and Development Tel Aviv
Leo Innovation Lab
“I believe that this service is extremely helpful for foreign companies”
Daniel Ramirez
Business Development